MC4100 MaxCore™ PlatformExtended Height PCIe Platform

MC4100 MaxCore™ Platform

The SMART Embedded Computing MC4100 MaxCore™ platform offers a versatile and dense architecture to achieve maximum compute and rendering density.


  • 15 PCIe slots with 190W power/slot enables the use of high performance, high density PCIe cards
  • The ability to use SMART EC or 3rd party PCIe cards means there is a very large ecosystem of available cards providing a wide range of functionality
  • A built-in PCIe Gen 3 fabric allows the system to be configured as a single PCIe domain or multiple domains sharing I/O resources
  • Extended height enables the use of taller PCIe cards with increased functionality and higher density


  • Cloud gaming rendering engine
  • Augmented reality rendering engine
  • Artificial intelligence GPU farm


  • Dimensions: 4U by 508mm for 19” racks, option for rail mounting
  • A second edge connector in each slot that accommodates features unique to many of SMART EC’s PCIe cards
    • Cable-less auxiliary power
    • Embedded Gigabit Ethernet network to each slot
    • Additional I/O such as SATA or USB that can be routed from the management CPU PCIe card to the front panel of the MaxCore™ platform
  • Optimal platform cooling with internal connectors for optionally supplying additional power for PCI Express cards requiring more than 75W
  • 15 PCI Express slots
  • 4 x Hot swappable 1100W AC power supplies
  • 2x 1/10G with SR-IOV support for shared usage between multiple server cards
  • 2x USB, dynamically connected to active and standby system host processors
  • LEDs: Major/Minor/Critical alarms, SATA
  • Switches/Buttons: Power, Reset, NMI
  • 3 x Redundant fan blocks
  • 4x 2.5” SATA hard-drive bays for use by system hosts
  • BMC for remote platform management


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